QUOTE FROM THE WINNER: Signmaker Alastair Cook

“I went to a London coffee shop which had unmarked double glass doors…After pushing and pulling different ways, I opened the door on the fourth attempt! In a world where signs with pictures of humans are preferred, I decided to design PUSH and PULL pictures. Jean Taylor gave me the inspiration of conveying a sense of energy: a figure leaning forward for pushing and leaning back for pulling. I came up with ideas—a single armed yellow character and the bowed and striped doors.”


The images illustrated were found to be understood most quickly by the most people. The push symbol is as if the figure is pushing a car and the pull symbol is a figure pulling as if in a tug of war. For extra clarity and to give the impression of force and movement, the doors being pushed and pulled are bowed-shaped. The colors, yellow and black, are standard colors used for low light signage and also the best for use with people who have impaired vision.


Slough Observer

Sign Update Magazine