News Story Video Challenge

Choose a local news story and create a one-minute video that tells the story in a different way. I chose’s recount of an off-campus pool party at Colorado State University that got wildly out of hand (as in 2,000+ guests) because it was posted on Facebook. The next step was formulating a concept. “How will I tell this story in a new way?” I started thinking about how social media has transformed the world we live in — making it, in many ways, unrecognizable to older generations. I imagined the type of parties they had. And from here a rough concept was conceived — the visual juxtaposition of a 2011 party and a 1950s party. I gathered the necessary “then and now” footage and I edited in iMovie. My concept evolved during this process as I began to see that despite the generational gap, the core foundation of a “good party” has remained essentially the same: a guest list, invitations, refreshments and entertainment. “What Makes a Good Party” became the new story I was telling. And the moral of the story is that even though times change, a good party is still a good party.

My role: Concept, Editing

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